shags flipping off trevor

What Should Shags Be Forced To Do In Response To Scary Movie Tradition?

Every year, Shags forces Trevor to watch a scary movie and live stream his reaction on Facebook Live. Even though he knows Trevor hates watching scary movies, he forces him into it anyway.

Trevor has been trying to come up with a way to balance the scales for years, but can’t come up with a thing to force Shags to do that would have a similar impact.

Shags and Trevor asked listeners for their ideas.

Ideas that won’t work:

  • Force Shags to fish in pink waders and a Barbie fishing pole
    • He would see it as a challenge and would be proud to catch a fish like that
  • Have Shags Stay The Weekend in Sedalia
    • Though he would hate this, we have to think about his safety as well
  • Shags has to pass an ethics class
    • He would cheat to pass it
  • Make Shags listen to 2 hours of Non-Stop Led Zeppelin
    • Shags doesn’t hate Led Zeppelin, he just doesn’t understand Trevor’s passionate love for them
  • Have Shags substitute teach a class of children
    • Though he would hate that, we have to think of the children…
  • Ignore Shags
    • He would just take the day off and go fishing
  • Shags works at a daycare for a day
    • Again, we need to think of the children…

Ideas that have potential:

  • Shags to do the show from the City Museum full of kids
    • We’d have to move the afternoon, but Trevor doesn’t mind sleeping in
  • Force him to attend a Luke Bryan concert
    • “As long as I don’t have to go with him” – Trevor
  • Shags to play board games with in future in-laws for several hours with no alcohol
    • This was an idea from the future Mother-In-Law… not bad
  • Shags to ride a roller coaster
    • Though he HATES roller coasters, this was Shags idea. So Trevor is a bit skeptical

We’ll keep working on it and come up with something. Send your ideas!