What would you like to make 5% bigger?

What Would You Like To Make 5% Bigger?

Shags and Trevor asked the question: If you could make one thing 5% bigger, what would it be? And no, not every answer is what you’re thinking…

  • Paycheck/ Bank Account
    • #1 answer on the board. Who doesn’t want more money, even if it’s just 5%!?
  • Shags Megabooth
    • At the Midway Antique Mall. Open 7 days a week. Doors open at 9am on top of the hill behind the Midway Complex.
  • ABV % in Beer
    • Might we recommend some different craft beers?
  • My Metabolism
    • Every little bit helps, am I right?
  • Shags Ego
    • Some people just want to watch the world burn…
  • My Patience
    • This is needed to keep up in the rise of Shag’s Ego inflation
  • The ‘Downstairs Bits’ / Boobs
    • We know you were thinking it…

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