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What’s Not Cool Anymore Now That We’re Old

Shags and Trevor asked listeners, ‘What’s Not Cool Anymore Now That We’re Old’. These are some of our favorite responses… you damn kids…

  • Staying up all night – Sleep is more valuable than anything else
  • Loud Sub-woofers/ exhaust – If you can’t hear anything else, you’re doing it wrong
  • Going to The Mall – Malls used to be the place to hang out, now they’re the place I have to go to get slacks
  • Anything that has to do with running – That includes sports, games, or predators
  • Slip N Slides  – We have to fall further than when we we were kids AND we have joint problems
  • Shags – Sick burn
  • Smoking – Unless we’re talking about meats
  • Cruising  – Who can afford it with gas at $5.00 a gallon!?

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