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Morning Shag Recap: Feb. 09, 2024

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 02/09/24.

Shags “Work Conference” Is Next Week

Shags is headed to Branson this weekend for the annual Conservation Federation of Missouri Media Days Event. It’s where several outdoor communicators are invited to fish Lake Taneycomo.

Trevor was very quick to challenge Shags on calling this a ‘Work Conference’ arguing all he’ll be doing is fishing. No seminars, no workshops, no learning more about the industry to better be able to do his job, just a whole bunch of fishing.

Moreover, when Trevor goes on a work conference it is because work sends him there! Work tells him to go, pays for his expenses, and Trevor prepares a presentation share what he learned with the rest of the team.

Shags then shared that he will be turning in his receipts to Trevor and expects to get reimbursed.

Morning Shags Super Stupid Bowl Prop Bets Are Back!

Answer our silly questions revolving around ‘The Big Game’ between Kansas City and San Francisco this weekend and you could WIN!


Programming Note Regarding The Kansas City Chiefs

The NFL Is Screwing Us Once Again…

First, they took the Chiefs Wild Card game off broadcast TV. Now they’re taking the game off radio.

Due to NFL rules, 96.7 KCMQ will not be allowed to air the Chiefs in the Super Bowl this weekend.

The NFL has blocked all Chiefs Radio Network stations (except for the station in Kansas City) from airing the game moving the rights of the broadcast for both the AFC Championship Game and Super Bowl to a different provider.

We here at KCMQ have contested this decision but were unable to change the NFL’s mind.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue to cheer on the Chiefs against The 49er’s this weekend!

We Will Spend More On The Super Bowl Than Valentines Day!?

New research has found that on average, Americans will spend more on celebrating the Super Bowl than on Valentines Day.

The average amount we plan to spend on the Super Bowl this year is up from $124 in 2023 to $189 in 2024!

Sports betting is one of the contributing factors to the increase spending.

Trevor’s solution: What can we bet on for Valentines Day to get those numbers up?

KCMQ Man Show Is BACK!

Join Shags and Trevor for the manliest event in Mid-Missouri!

Get the details and buy tickets now!

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Trevor is NOT a Member

Trevor shared one final story from his Mexican beach vacation.

Trevor, his wife, and their friends were enjoying themselves in some beach chairs, when they struck up a conversation with the couple next to them.

The couple asked, “how long have you guys been members?”

Trevor and his wife immediately shared that they are NOT members and asked if they were in the wrong spot on the beach.

The couple shared that they were in the ‘members only’ section of the resort, but it was cool because Trevor’s group were sitting in their chairs and they didn’t mind because they also had the cabana behind the chairs. They swapped stories, chatted for over an hour, and had a lovely conversation.

Upon the couple leaving the beach for the day, Trevor asked if they could sit in their chairs again tomorrow, MAKING A SPECIFIC POINT, that if the couple wanted the chairs they would happily find a different spot on the beach. The couple responded that they didn’t care, and parted ways saying, “See you tomorrow”.

The next day when Trevor and his group went to claim the chairs, they were already claimed with items like hats and books on them. Trevor and his group decided to find different chairs a little further down the beach.

As the day went on, Trevor noticed no one ever came to sit in the original chairs and became curious. Then a resort employee went to talk to the couple in the cabana. Trevor was a bit far away and couldn’t hear what they were saying clearly, but he thinks he may have heard them talking about ‘people stealing their chairs’…

This was enough to make Trevor feel like the couple was actually upset that they stole their chairs but were being nice/ passive aggressive about it all.

But then a couple of hours later, the couple approached Trevor to ask, “What happened?! I thought you were going to sit in our chairs again today?”

This took Trevor by surprise and now he doesn’t know what to think.

Shags is convinced after hearing the story that the couple was being passive aggressive… because that’s what he would have done!

I’m a “Karen” When It Comes To This

  • Shags: Cyclists riding their bicycles in the middle of the road slowing up traffic
  • Trevor: Having to show your ‘membership card’ before going into Sam’s Club/ Costco
  • There, Their, They’re/ Two, Too, To
  • Restaurants getting my order wrong for the 2nd time
  • Bird Scooters on the sidewalks
  • A full grocery cart trying to go through the self checkout lane

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