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Morning Shag Recap- Monday Nov. 6, 2023

In case you missed anything, or want more info on what Shags and Trevor talked about on the show, here is the Morning Shag Show Recap – 11/03/23.

KCMQ’s Holiday Prize Eliminator

  • Congrats to Brian! He eliminated the Inflatable Pool and is now qualified to win The Last Prize Standing!
  • To be fair, that is a mean gift to give for the holidays
    • Congrats kids, here’s your new pool! We’ll set it up in 5 months!
  • Get the details and see the full prize list now
  • We’ll play again tomorrow at 7:35 a.m.

Trevor’s Wife Got Incredible Tickets to Metallica, but Trevor Didn’t Go?!

  • Trevor’s wife got VIP passes to Metallica and got some great pictures!
  • Trevor did not go because he was not invited…
    • The tickets came from his wife’s work, where a client knows the wife of Lars Ulrich. The tickets were given to Trevor’s wife’s boss and she took his wife.
  • Metallica Photos from Trevor’s Wife- LINK

Why Do Mizzou Fans Say, “That Was A Good Loss”

  • Shags is beside himself after the Mizzou loss to Georgia. Mostly because he keeps hearing people say that it was a “Good Loss” instead of being upset at the loss.
  • Trevor thinks it’s a matter of expectations. Most fans did not think the team would be as good as they are this year. And when we lose to the number 1 team in the country, but keep it competitive, Trevor thinks that’s why people aren’t so upset.
    • The opposite is true for St. Louis Cardinals fans. They expect to be in the playoffs every season, and when they’re not, the fans are pissed!
  • Mizzou takes on Tennessee this Saturday and you can hear the game on your Home for the Tigers, 96.7 KCMQ!

Why Does a “Mayo Tasting Tour” Exist?

  • You may have been on a wine tour or explored the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. But South Carolina now has a Mayonnaise Tasting Tour with over 20 stops!
  • You can travel around on a self-guided tour, sampling mayo prepared in various ways and even see some historic sites on the condiment
  • Shags and Trevor’s question is simple: Why?
  • LINK

Shags Broke Up A Fight!

  • Shags was out at a Columbia park this weekend shooting a video about tick awareness for the Mo. Dept. of Health & Senior Services. He was dressed in full camo and was deep into the woods, when he heard some people shouting on the trail.
  • As he walked toward the shouting he saw these two men with torn shirts and bloody faces arguing with one saying “That’s my son! I’ll take a paternity test!”
  • Shags emerged from the woods (in full camo) and asked if everything was alright. The two men said that it was and walked off.
  • Clearly, there is more to this story and Shags didn’t get any more details
  • Shags also didn’t remind them to check for ticks when they got home… he had one job.

What is Something You Should Know, But Don’t?

  • Some of these are understandable, others are in some serious trouble… LINK

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