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Daily Dumbass Aug. 19, 2019

You gotta be smarter that this to outsmart the cops.  A 20-year-old woman named Rachel in Iowa took off when an officer tried to pull her over for speeding.  As the cops were chasing her, she called 911 to report her car stolen…so the cops wouldn’t think she was driving …

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Daily Dumbass Aug. 16, 2019

I’m not sure what this guy was thinking….a 28-year-old named Marc in Pennsylvania stole a woman’s credit card and used it to buy a cell phone at a PCS store, and then to buy beer and smokes at a convenience store. At both stores, he signed the credit card receipt …

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Daily Dumbass Aug. 15, 2019

When you steal a specialty item, make sure you go far away from home to try to sell it.  A couple in St. Louis cut the lock on a storage unit and stole about 3,000 comic books. If they’d tried to sell them on eBay, they might have gotten away …

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Daily Dumbass Aug. 14, 2019

When the urge hits to do the  nasty…some people don’t care where they are.  A cop in Michigan caught a nekked couple having sex in a car…because they had parked in the parking lot of POLICE HEADQUARTERS. Seriously? Of all the places to bang like a screen door in a …

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Daily Dumbass Aug. 13, 2019

Don’t you just love irony? A 21-year-old named Jaderric in South Carolina was driving drunk over the weekend when he didn’t hit the brakes in time…hit another car, then crashed through the front of a car repair business.  The name of that business?  Brakes 4 Less….and since Jaderric never hit …

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Daily Dumbass Aug. 12, 2019

If you need help, ask a cop – right? Not in this story.  Three car thieves in Canada were busted when they ran out of gas….and pulled over to ask a cop for help.  The officer figured out it was a stolen car, and he found drugs inside….so all three …

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